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  1. T_Town_Tom
    T_Town_Tom indy
    Stay with I Group. I used to worry about riding A group and learning new tracks. What I typically do is grab a control rider right after the riders meeting and ask them to show me the lines. I also ask them to go fairly slow so I can learn. Works great. I have done this at ACC and Barber while in A and had no issues. Remember being off the pace isnt a big deal as long as your predictable.

  2. NitroNick
    NitroNick tigerblade
    Looking Forward to CCW Grattan for our 2017 kickoff!
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  3. NitroNick
    April 22nd CCW Grattan Ready!
  4. Questor302
    Questor302 Moto11
    Hi Moto11, I live in Schaumburg, IL, it's a Northwest Suburb of Chicago, IL.
  5. Questor302
    Live your life that the fear of death can NEVER enter your heart...
  6. NitroNick
    NitroNick furytom
    Looking forward to 2017 Kickoff!
  7. NitroNick
    NitroNick Gemo
    Looking forward to 2017!
  8. James William
    James William
    Anyone want to hitch a ride to Barber, Putnam or Little Tally from Bowling Green? Feel free to email me:
  9. Gary Taylor
    Gary Taylor
    2006 zx6r 636c for sale
  10. Pistol
    Pistol Tiller
    I was informed that you have a set of track plastics for sale for a 06 gsxr 1000. How much ? I'm in Nj
    1. Tiller
      Not sure where you were informed of this. I had another guy just PM me the other day also. I used to have GSXR 1000 stuff; however, sold all of that stuff over ayear ago. Sorry man!
      Feb 20, 2017
  11. calponte
    Yes. Please contact me by phone number on post. I don't check this too much :(
  12. Yamahajohnny
  13. essmanrxpx
    essmanrxpx calponte
    is this bike still for sale?
  14. bigshow
    bigshow obiera
    hey you still have the cbr for sale? text me if you do, I had some questions. Also, I am an Oak Park guy also and would like to stop by to check the bike out if thats cool. Thanks, Kurt cell 312-404-3387
  15. Tom Anderson
  16. NitroNick
    NitroNick j cal
    How ready are you for 2017?
    1. j cal
      j cal
      After working in the garage today, I'm at about 70% ready haha
      Jan 21, 2017
  17. Patrick456Gixxer
    Patrick456Gixxer VernLux
    I wanted to ask you if maybe you would be interested in selling a few parts off this bike? I have stock parts if you dont have them to replace so the bike is still whole. Im interested in the vortex rearsets, steering stabilizer, and rear Ohlins shock? If you are interested in doing this let me know and we can work out the details. Thanks
    1. VernLux
      I'm going to keep it the way it is, but thanks for asking.
      Jan 20, 2017
  18. Bigwoodracing
    "What could go wrong?" is a question I don't ask.
  19. SVzuki
    SVzuki Shortyy
    I saw your M109 for sale. Did you happen to previous frequent the M109riders forum? I think I may have met up with you are your husband a few years ago on a ride. I think you guys might have lived in Clio at the time..? I recently sold my M109 and started riding on the track last year.
  20. Patrick456Gixxer
    Patrick456Gixxer Joey G
    Hey if you can email me at
    or my phone number is 918-894-2955 if you can text me so we can work out details on purchasing your CBR600. I live in Tulsa Ok but i can be on my way at the latest Tues. Please get ahold of me as soon as possible. Thanks