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  1. Six4Cloer
    The Artist Formerly Known as Mr. Torque
  2. R/T Performance
    R/T Performance
    Ready for the 4th of July festivities to begin
  3. TD675R
    Anything is an Apex if you're brave enough.
  4. Pawel
  5. Notorious
  6. Old Guy
    Old Guy Fastway Racing
    Question about shipping - I know you've mentioned that shipping bikes is simple and relatively inexpensive and I've never had to worry about it before. But now I find that I need to ship a bike from Texas to Alabama and am wondering the best shipper to contact about it. Can you give me a good suggestion or two? Thanks for the help.
  7. nytrozula
    nytrozula steve802cc
  8. Jebac
    Jebac wrx_s1000rr
    He was at work so could my reply
  9. Chris.O
    looking to make an upcoming event at Barber Motorsports Park my first track day, and i need help. Gear, Prep, etc., anything...
  10. Andy Miller
    Andy Miller
    Status? Who even sees this?
  11. Drstevenbrule29
    Drstevenbrule29 gsxrvette
    sorry i just got your message, how much for the fairings and what color?
  12. r6rider
  13. Questor302
    Questor302 Jefferson Duggan
    Hey Jefferson, Are you still interested in the 2013 Kawasaki ZX-6R?
  14. ONTRK
    ONTRK Smalls
    Thanks Aaron - just contacted Mike through email at "Michael (M.G.)Massara" <>.

    Took this contact information from two years ago and hopefully it's still good.
  15. ONTRK
    ONTRK Smalls
    I registered today for the May 5 Pro track day with an instructor.
    I was 1:35 consistently at Grattan last year, with the objective of hitting 1:30 or better this year.
    If it's a dry day on May 5, knowing you don't like riding in the rain and messing up your bike, could you be my instructor, even if you were to take on two students that day?
    1. Smalls
      For sure.....even if its raining, thats not a big deal.....just let Mike know by email.....he is the one that assigns students on the pro days
      Apr 16, 2017
  16. szramer
    spring is here!
  17. James William
    James William skidooboy
    What city in Michigan are you from?
  18. NitroNick
    NitroNick guidout
    Looking to 2017 kickoff!
  19. NitroNick
    NitroNick Ohio_1199DUC
    Looking forward to 2017 kickoff!
  20. NitroNick
    NitroNick svpauly
    Looking forward to Grattan 2017 kickoff!!
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