Aug 12, 2014
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    1. chello
      Hi Mark!!! I went to Grattan last weekend and it was amazing... I would love to go to Mid Ohio... but I'm thinking to go to Barber on Oct 17.
      We will have a Fox Powersports Track day at Grattan on July 24 and August 28. $90 + food and drinks! Let me know!
    2. Booma

      How's it going?? Long time no see. The weather has not been cooperating at all this year so I haven't even been to Grattan once.

      My buddy (Justin - you never met him) and I went to Pitt Raceway 2 Sundays ago and that was my first track day this year. It was great weather but the track wasn't so great, pretty bumpy.

      Anyway, my buddy and I are DEFINITELY planning to do Mid Ohio on Jun 21st (Sun twilight) an Jun 22 (all day Mon). If you can make it you should go. Mid O is my favorite track and worth the trip.

      I bought access to the MotoGP this year and have been enjoying watching those races. GO ROSSI!!

      Hope things are going well for you....


      P.S. I don't talk to Jae anymore, I sold him my ZX6R and he totally fucked me over, wasn't making payments, crashed it twice. I ended up getting it back and have fixed it up, but I'll never talk to him again.
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