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    I will be doing my first track day in May and was looking to find out what I will need to bring besides my bike. What are some of the most common items needed and maybe some items that would just be nice to have. Unfortunately, the friends I ride with don't care to do track days so I will be venturing into this on my own. Can someone please give me first timer advice on getting prepared and what to expect? How do I setup my area and when can I set it up? I hear that some camp overnight. Is it common to show up the day before like that? can I watch a track day on Sat the participate on Sun? Can I sit in on classroom sessions on Sat and participate again on Sunday?
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    Hello and Welcome!

    Aside from bike, just bring a lot of water and some snacks. Tools, canopy for shade, can all be borrowed/used from your neighbors (I've yet to run into any issues with this).

    Assuming you'll be in Novice, no need to bring a chair since you'll be in a classroom after your sessions.

    What track are you going to?
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    What track..... When in May? And Yes to the classroom session.... You can come and sit in and not even ride that weekend if you want.... Wont happen but you could try... : )
  4. nytrozula

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    Blackhawk in Wisconsin May 14 then Autobahn on May 29th.
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    It's a little daunting at first, but everyone there is on the same page and can help you out if necessary. Don't show up expecting anyone to hold your hand, but don't be afraid to ask for some pointers on what you should be doing and where to go. I did my first solo day with just myself, a borrowed van+trailer, my bike, gear, and water.

    Starting the day, I usually roll up to the track before 7:30am, find a spot I like, and unload the bike and stuff from the bed. Then head over to registration to sign waivers and go through the tech inspection. Head back and start setting up my pit space. Introduce yourself to your neighbors and they will likely be willing to answer any questions you might have. Rider's meeting at 8:20 and track goes hot at 9:00. Novice goes out for their first session at 8:40, but you have a novice classroom session before that. Generally you want to show up to the 8:20 meeting with your suit on so you don't have to scramble to get out to the pit before your session.

    I bring all sorts of quality-of-life stuff now, but it's not necessary to enjoy the weekend. What really matters is when you're on the track, so make sure your bike is well prepped and ready to go.

    If I were to bring the minimum to a track day, I'd bring:
    A bike with street tires, gear, chair, tool box, spares/fluids, clothes, water, cash, ramp, gas can. This covers most concerns, assuming the bike is in good shape on arrival.

    Currently, I bring:
    A bike, gear, chair, tool box, spares/fluids, clothes, water, cash, ramp, gas can, canopy, table, fans, stands, tire warmers, power cables, generator, tent+sleeping stuff, snacks/food, cash, spare wheels with alternate tires,

    Everyone has different wants and needs, but that serves me well enough. I like to be as self-sufficient as possible and be able to help out others if necessary.
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    Where are you located. I enjoyed Autobaun, just hope it stays dry the day before.
    You will need tape (painters) for you lights and mirrors. Suggest taping speedo.

    They will ask for new riders to track days, and this track. Those riders (you) will be in group 5 or 6.
    Riders who have worked up will be pushed to 1.
    You will have a coach, no passing except with the coach on straights. Most likely you will not be passing, and will be passed on the left.

    I can promise, if you listen, keep your ego in check you will have MORE fun then you ever had on a bike.
    If the coach asks how did it go and you say fine, the group will continue as is.
    If you say, I was bored out of my mind. Let's pick up the pace and he thinks you can you will be moved up a group.
    I took it very slow, never had an issue and didn't care it took me many novice days to be bumped to Intermediate.
    You have nothing to prove to anyone but you. In novice IMO you will only have issues if your pushing over your head and not listening.
    Expect it will take several sessions to learn the track, I found for me it was best to be the one behind the coach to get a good idea on line and body position. Since there will be 4 to 6 in your group let everyone get the coach time.
    In the afternoon things will pickup and you will get some out front time in leap frog.

    I'm down in Indy. Come to Putnam, I will be glad to help you out. Hope to do April 15th..

    OH, welcome to the addiction. LOL.
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    Welcome to STT! Check out the links below to get a high level of how the days run if you haven't had a chance yet.

    To answer your questions:
    What should you bring? - Your bike in good working order with full tank of fuel. Please read thru the rules and tech inspection that is required for the group you'll be riding in. If you're trailering your bike to the event try to have your bike ready to go before you arrive. No sense in trying to hurry the night before or morning of the event with last minute taping of lights or basic maintenance. Your gear (obviously), key to your bike, spare can of gas (especially if you're riding 2 days), camping chair to relax in between sessions or at lunch. Speaking of food, bring some snacks, water, gatorade, and some lunch. Some tracks may have concessions, others may not. Don't forget some cash in case there is a gate entry fee or if you need to purchase gas or concessions at the track.

    Check out the attached file - Track Day List.jpg for some ideas of things that other track junkies bring with them. This was put together by another member, I don't recall who, but it's a pretty good list. You may not need everything on this list by any means and if you get to the track and forgot something, ask your pit neighbor or any STT staff member. We're hear to help!

    One last thing to bring......a good attitude ready for a great day of fun on 2 wheels with everyone else at the event.

    By all means, come out and camp the night before (if the track allows it) and set up your pit area the night before. Lots of staff and riders do the same. It makes it nice to wake up in the morning already at the track and not have to rush to get set up when you still have to register, go to tech inspection and the riders' meeting. You'll see where others are parked and pitted once you get in the track. Find a spot to settle in. There may be areas marked off with cones that are set aside for track staff or vendors, most anywhere else is first come, first serve. If you're not sure, just ask.

    As mentioned above, feel free to come out on Saturday and sit in on the Novice classrooms to get a feel how the day runs. If you have a chance (and the track allows it) go out and walk the track before the day starts or after the riding is done for the day.

    Other questions? Let us know. :)

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    If anyhow possible I arrive at the track the night before and set up my pit area that night. That way I have a smooth start in the morning, can enjoy a coffee and don't need to scramble to get everything ready and race to registration and tech and jump in my suit....
    But that's just my liking!
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  9. TheRabbit

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    at autobahn the track is open Friday night until believe 10pm then yes you can do that
  10. F4iGuy

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    These are all good tips for sure. My biggest one is to talk to your neighbors! The whole track community is wonderful and they'll look after you and make sure you get the most out of the day. That said, bring plenty of snacks and liquids and the rest you can make work. Do arrive the night before if you can as it allows you to be more relaxed.

    *and make sure you bring extra gas, 5 extra gallons per day.
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  11. FZ1guy

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    You won't need all of this stuff, but this checklist has served me well for years.


    o Leathers

    o Boots

    o Gloves

    o Helmet

    o Visors

    o Back Protector

    o Chest Protector

    o Tools

    o Tire Pressure Gauge

    o Gas Can

    o Rags

    o Cleaner

    o Towel

    o Notebook

    o Rain Suit

    o GoPro & Battery

    o Other Camera

    o Tent

    o Chairs

    o Extra Shirt

    o Socks

    o Generator

    o Tire Pump

    o Spare Tires & Wheels

    o Spare Tire for Trailer

    o Lug Wrench

    o Headache Medicine

    o Reading Glasses

    o Receipt

    o Money

    o Motorcycle Key

    o Stands

    o Chain Lube

    o Trailer Ramp

    o Oil

    o Jumper Cables

    o Bike Cover

    o Duct Tape

    o Blue Tape

    o Long Underwear

    o Air Mattress

    o Flashlight

    o Race Gas

    o Sunglasses

    o Phone Charger

    o Tea

    o Ice

    o Snacks

    o Water

    o Cooler

    o Trailer License Plate

    o Pit Fan

    o Tire Warmers

    o Extension Cord

    o Generator Box

    o Fire Extinguisher

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